10 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Nashville Home Sell Fast

10 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Nashville Home Sell Fast

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re ready to move, but your house won’t sell.

You end up stuck because you can’t get anyone to bite. Maybe you’ve even dropped the price, but people still aren’t interested. There are some big upgrades you could do, but you don’t have the money or time for it.

There’s no need to add an addition or redo the kitchen to get your house to sell. You can do plenty of small, simple changes that will transform your home so you can sell your Nashville house fast.

Here are 10 simple changes you can implement to get your home to sell fast.

10 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Nashville Home Sell Fast

1. Spruce Up the Front Door

If you want your home to sell fast, then you’ve got to “wow” people right off the bat. Having great curb appeal is important.

You might not be in the market to do a complete overhaul of the outside of your house. Sprucing up your front door is something small that can make maximum impact.

Getting a whole new front door is one option. But, if you’d like something even simpler and cheaper, just paint it.

You can go for a classic red door. Some people have a red front door because in Feng Shui it is supposed to draw positive energy into the home.

You could also try a bright yellow. Anything that is vibrant and will make your home seem more inviting.

2. Declutter and Depersonalize

Decluttering your home is one of the most important steps to take if you want your home to sell fast.

Nobody likes to see clutter. Also, when clutter is cleared, rooms and spaces look bigger.

You don’t just want to get rid of little knick-knacks. Get rid of bigger pieces too. That loveseat might be functional for your family, but does it take up too much space?

Another reason why decluttering is helpful is because it also helps depersonalize your home. Buyers don’t have an imagination when they’re shopping for a new house.

Is your style too apparent in the home? Consider renting a storage locker and putting away some of your things for the time being. Buyers can’t imagine what their stuff will look like in the house if your style is too omnipresent.

3. Don’t Underestimate a Fresh Paint Job

Walk through each room and try to take everything in as if you were seeing it for the first time.

Is the paint color too jarring? Is the color or painting technique outdated? Are the walls scuffed and dirty?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, give the room a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color that is relatively basic. Something that a lot of people would find agreeable.

You don’t want buyers thinking about how they’d have to do a lot of painting before they move in.

4. Do Some Easy Landscaping

Amp up your home’s curb appeal with some light landscaping.

Make sure the lawn is always manicured. Add plants and flowers to the garden. This will make the yard look alive and inviting.

Another easy idea is to lay down some fresh mulch. It will make a big impact without much money or effort.

5. Stage Rooms as They Were Intended

Do you have any rooms that are oddly shaped? Stage rooms as the builders would have intended.

Again, buyers have trouble imagining things on their own. You need to set everything up in a way that will make them understand where things go.

Do you have a little alcove off the kitchen? Maybe you never did anything with it and it sits empty. That’s fine, but stage it in a way where people will see its use.

Set up an inexpensive desk and chair to show it could be a small office. Maybe put in a bar and some stools and stage it as an entertainment area. Give people ideas of all the possibilities the house provides.

6. Upgrade Your Cabinets

Getting all new cabinets can be an expensive project that can take some time. If you’re looking for your house to sell fast, give your cupboards a quick facelift.

One way to do that is by painting them. A light blue can make the room have a French, country kitchen look. You can even paint the inside of the cabinets a complementary color.

Little details like that make a difference. That’s also true for the cabinet handles. Swap out the old for expensive looking new ones.

7. Change Out Fixtures

While you’re trading in the old cabinet handles, try that with other fixtures in the house.

Try new sink fixtures in the bathrooms. Go for a luxurious shower head that makes you feel like you’re at the spa. Wall sconces and light fixtures can be updated as well.

While these details seem small, they never go unnoticed. If you can’t make major overhauls to your home, changing out fixtures will give the impression that things are newer.

8. Let There Be Light

If you can install some new light fixtures, that’s great. But, at the very least, make sure your bulbs are new.

Good lighting does wonders for a place. You don’t want any room to look dark and cave-like.

If there’s a room in your house that doesn’t get much sunlight, install dimmers. They’re easy to install and you can get basic ones for cheap. Then set them to a soft, natural light.

9. Make the Backyard Inviting

Curb appeal is important, but you should also set the scene for the backyard. Let them imagine the 4th of July barbeques they’ll throw for their families.

It should be as nicely manicured as your front yard. Get some inexpensive lawn furniture and create a nice area for socializing.

10. Hire a Pro to Take Great Pictures

If the photos of your house aren’t great, people won’t come out to see it. After making all these changes, have a pro take some great picture of the house.

It’s hard to take pictures of a home. Spaces that look fabulous in person might not translate with your point-and-shoot smartphone pictures. A photographer will know how to make your home look its best.

These Simple Fixes Will Help Your Home Sell Fast

Selling your home can be a stressful undertaking. But, with these tips, you can spruce up your Nashville home and make sure that it will sell fast.

If you’re looking to sell your home, we can help. Contact us with any questions about selling your house quickly.


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